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Often, such assessments are the only means of understanding and explaining behavior.

Before any treatment or remediation can begin, it's important to understand the nature of the problem or difficulty. A psychological assessment is the necessary first step in determining the strengths and weaknesses in an individual's functioning when that functioning has been called into question, either by displaying actions that are unexpected or by not displaying actions that are expected, in a given circumstance or environment.

Psychological assessments involve the observation, measurement and evaluation of an individual's or organization's adaptive functioning in the modern world. Assessments are used to assess the developmental, behavioral, academic, psychological, neuropsychological and personality functioning of infants, children, adolescents and adults in a wide variety of circumstances ranging from career counseling to marriage compatibility, school performance to job performance, normative to criminal behavior, and  competence to guardianship. There are literally thousands of psychological assessments available and all such assessments must be done by experienced, licensed and credentialed professionals to ensure that such assessments are not accidentally or deliberately misused to provide false or misleading information.

We focus on the appropriate psychological assessment of infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults and seniors, We also conduct assessments of public organizations such as schools, government agencies, non-profits and nursing homes as well as small-medium sized family-owned private businesses.

Developmental Focus

We take  a Lifespan Developmental focus on the functioning of children, adolescents, adults and seniors, which means that we recognize that functioning over one's lifespan is truly developmental in nature and grows over time, building on previous experiences and biopsychosocial functioning. A special area of focus in on the assessment of very young children, aged 5 and under. Psychological, neuropsychological and personality assessments can be used in a multiplicity of ways and can be loosely grouped in the following areas:

Supervision, File Review, Expert Testimony and Continuing Education Services

We teach and supervise the administration of psychological assessments and also provide Case Review and Peer Review services regarding psychological and behavioral health assessments that other professionals have conducted. We also review and supervise the diagnostic, treatment planning and clinical services provided by other clinical professional regarding psychological and behavioral diagnosis and treatment. We provide these services to non-profit, public organizations serving children, adolescents and families involved with the schools, governmental organizations, insurance companies and the legal system and we also provide these services to individuals and families through their attorneys.

Clinical and Case Consultation

We offer case and clinical consultation, assessment, case review and expert testimony, mediation and dispute resolution, and parenting assessments and coordination. We work with insurance companies, businesses, unions, municipalities, schools, governmental agencies and hospitals to provide consultation and evaluation in cases involving psychological impairment, cognitive deficits and injury, developmental delays and disability, ADHD spectrum disorders and other psychological and behavioral health issues requiring assessment and expert opinions. This includes forensic matters.

Community Involvement and Speakers Bureau

Our speakers bureau is available to local community organizations and also provides formal and informal training, supervision and continuing education services regarding psychological and behavioral issues to legal, medical and academic organizations for case conferences, seminars and presentations. Past presentations have included: Behavioral play therapy, EMDR, REBT, public speaking anxiety, forensic psychology issues, child development, psychological assessment techniques, school and workplace bullying and ethics.

Psychological assessments are multi-dimensional and are useful
in a wide variety of personal, academic and institutional or
organizational needs.

Listed below are examples of appropriate referrals grouped into general categories:

Academic and School Referrals
      ADHD evaluations.
      Shyness and social skills delays or disability.
      Learning Disabilities and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities.
      Evaluations for 504 and Chapter 766/Special Education.
      Second opinions about parent-school conflicts or behavior issues.
      Developmental Disabilities, such as birth defects, Autism and PDD.
      General academic, psychological and neuropsychological exams.
      Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs).
Clinical and Professional Applications

      Development and attachment issues in very young children.
      Memory, attention and cognitive functions in adults and seniors.
      Assessment of personality.   
      Assessment of functional behavioral disorders.
      Peer reviews.

Workplaces and Organizational Applications

      Workplace bullying and hostile workplace evaluations.
      Residual workplace trauma due to catastrophe, violence or disaster.

Forensic and Disability Applications

      Expert witness consultation regarding psychological impairment.
      Disability chart and case reviews.
      Evaluations under the Americans with Disability Act.
      Guardianship and Competency in probate and criminal matters.
      Psychological and psychiatric standard of care issues.
      Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) for disability and
      Worker's Compensation.
      Consultative Evaluations (CEs) for Social Security disability claims.

Family Law Issues

      Foster care, adoption and attachment issues.
      Parenting evaluations and consultations.
      High conflict divorce, custody & GAL assessments, including
      visitation and post-divorce disputes.

Personal Injury and Tort Applications

      Therapeutic malpractice and standard of psychological care issues.
      Psychological damage in children and adults caused by dental or
      medical or procedures.
      Masked psychological damages and impairment due to:
      physical injury, emotional trauma, chronic disabling conditions,
      pain, product liability/toxicity or "bystander" experiences.

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